Throwback Thursday Pattern 18

It has been a bit since I last posted on the blog. Will be adding more later this week.
This weeks throwback crochet pattern is no. 18. It originally came out in 2005, the year we started ShiFio’s Patterns.  I am not sure what my inspiration was for this set, I wish I could remember.
I can’t believe that we have been self publishing patterns for 13 years!!!!!
The photos have been redone a few times, don’t think we still have the original 2005 ones.
This throwback photo is from 2007.
It is called the Twin Bobble Pattern#18. At the time, if we had a pattern with a girls and boys version on it, I usually called it “twin” something
18 new
To fit 0-3 months,  it requires UK double knitting, USA light worsted (3), AU 8ply
 There is 6 years between the throwback photo and the new ones. What a difference it makes, maybe I should make a new set and take considering it has been 5 years since the “new” ones were taken lol
You can find the pattern  here

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