First Yarn Review- Caron Simply Soft

I thought i might start doing some yarn reviews so that you can see which yarns we use.

My first review is on a newly discovered yarn

Caron Simply Soft

(Chartreuse, Country Blue & Orchid)

It is a worsted (aran) weighted yarn and they suggest using a UK-5mm, USA-H crochet hook or UK-5mm, USA-8 knitting needles

It is 100% acrylic and comes in 52 lovely shades

Under $5 / £5 so not the cheapest or the most expensive yarn out there

I first discovered this yarn when i spotted a beautiful hat mum had made, I knew then i had to get me some and try it out!!

I decided on the Chartreuse- a beautiful lime green colour

and with this i made


  • It comes in a lot of colours
  • This yarn is so soft, making it a good choice for baby wear
  • Being machine washable and dryable makes it very versatile and parent friendly
  • Glides easily over your hook
  • Has a fuzzy natural look to the yarn
  • So far i have not come across any knotting in the yarn (where the yarn has stopped and they have rejoined it with a knot- one of the most annoying things to come across- I don’t like knots in my work, so I usually have to then cut and sew in ends) so that is definitely a plus point
  • It is readily available in the UK and USA which is a plus point for me when designing


  • Tends to get tangled at the start, so you have to sort it out with multiple hands (this wastes precious crochet time)
  • The threads can split apart which can be annoying, if you have keep a tight tension on the yarn it makes it more likely to happen as you insert your hook, so keeping it slightly looser can help
  • It is thinner than other worsted (aran) weighted yarns I have used, but keeping an eye on your tension helps solves this
  • I had to google to find out what was the dye lot number on the label as it isn’t immediately obvious (it is the ww number)

In conclusion I have to say I like this yarn a lot. I love the soft sheen and the colours it comes in and I am working on another project with it at the moment and will definitely be using it again

Until next time

Fiona x


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